Funkajak_Fun Kayak

Simple and agile, making it ideal for beginners. Action and fun are guaranteed with our Funkajaks!


In teams of 2 or 3, the adventure on the Bregenzerach is on!


All in a boat! Especially in the spring for snowmelt but also in summer in bad weather we get on the big boats and ride on the waves.


With a total length of 76 kilometers, the “Bregenzerache” offers many possibilities for those who love water sports. The different river sections provide a wide range of difficulty levels. While the section between Schoppernau and Mellau is only for advanced participants, the lower section between Langenegg and Wolfurt is calmer and perfectly suited for beginners.

On the way we spoil you with Bregenzerwald mountain cheese, Landjäger, Schnepfauer rye bread, fruit and “Manner cuts”. There are mineral water and soft drinks.

Our guides practically always have a camera with them. On request we will gladly send you a link of the photos for download. Since we can not guarantee that a drop will get lost on the lens, we offer this service for free.

All of our boat tours start off with a detailed safety instruction and a short instruction on how the different boat types are steered. We provide the full white-water safety equipment consisting of life jacket, wetsuit, helmet and neoprene shoes.
All tours are guided by our experienced and certified guides.

The meeting place will be arranged individually for every tour. The start of the tour depends on water levels, weather conditions and the needs of our guests.

Ability to swim, normal physical health/fitness, consumption of alcohol or drugs before or during the tour is strictly prohibited.

The selection of different high-quality whitewater inflatable boats from the companies Grabner, Spreu, Aqua Design and Incept makes it possible to vary the sporting factor even further.
The complete whitewater equipment includes wetsuit including neoprene shoes, life jacket and helmet